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Letter of Upholstery

There are a lots of questions on how much money to reupholster compared to buying new.  All professionals in this trade, has a reputation that goes back to the black smith days.  And people still think that the price to reupholster is well cheaper than buying new.  The 1950's was a big swing in the reupholstery trade. Not a real big manufacturing base at that time.  Cost was down in supplies, fabric, etc.  Small trades were the main stay back then as well.  Then the manufacturers got smart and decided to do some ad campaigns to their favor.  They wanted to get the market back. Well! We professionals now see thy did their work well! Today they put a class life of no more than 2 years on the products they sell. They don't want the stuff to last. It would put them out of business. They need to keep the lines going.  The consumer today has no idea that the chair they just bought was upholstered on an assembly line in just 7 minutes.  And that sofa just delivered was put together in 30 minutes. 

 At the factory all the pieces are cut and pre sewn, in bulk, then they grab some guy off the street and hand them a staple gun. Springs? What springs! The days of the coil base in furniture are almost gone. There are a few that still have these available, and only a few that offer an 8 way tie anymore.  Some manufacturers still offer them, but have subcontractors come in to do the coil spring tying. 

 The next time you say you can buy a new one for that much, you are correct. but that piece you are thinking about having upholstered is far better constructed than what you can get nowadays. With the fabrics and materials I have available, the finished product from me will out perform any new that you are thinking about.  A true professional is a stickler to detail. Jo & I will be the ones that cut, sew, and apply all of the components to your furniture, we do all the work. All the materials used are of the highest grade, we don't skimp on quality. 


Farmers Upholstery
Jody & Bill Farmer